10/10/23 - Been a while. I've been busy getting buried in work. The shrines page has been there for a while now, I changed the danger days shrine to a more general MCR one, and added one for the cure. Also adding a to-do list.

18/9/23 - hesitant alien shrine is mostly done, although its the sort of thing id keep adding to as i learn more abt the album. need to figure out how to make it accesable. maybe a shrine page? id put the star trek page under that too, probably. we'll see. rn you can only get to it through some of the photos on the music page

8/9/23 - damn 50k is a lot of views. wild. adding a hesitant alien and possible a danger days shrine, made the bar page accessable finally. been really into riot grrl lately. i wouldnt call myself a part of that subculture or anything (dont think id even be allowed haha) but the music is real good.

8/1/23 - added a fake onlyfans page for mairon... if you can find it. also added descriptions to each of the albums in my record collection. might as well prove that im not a poser. updated the concert log (holy shit holy shit one of the best nights of my life), but it's not showing for some reason? oh well. it'll probably show eventually.

7/25/23 - why do i always code at 3am. no clue. anyway i added the bit about rock being dead or not. been thinking abt it since i listened to frank ieros and joanna angels one life one chance episodes.
also just realised that it said pissing people instead of pissing people off on my interests page. which like yeah but i didnt exactly want to advertise that.

7/19/23 - its 3am. figured out how to add the viewscreen onto here. this better keep working or ill kill someone.

7/18/23 - tidied up index file. trying to learn cemetery drive on guitar. curse ray toro's long fingers. want to print more pictures of gerard for my wall but my printer is having issues (sigh). working on fixing it.

7/17/23 - made this log. first time actually seperating files. this site is janky as hell lol. added concert log, and seperated pet area.