30/09/23 - SISTERS OF MERCY. This was so cool. For a band who insists they aren't goth they really leaned into the vibe. I felt out of place with my terrible inexperienced eyeliner skills. They didn't play most of the songs I know/like, but honestly goth music is the best sounding live music to me. It felt like an orgasm or something - fucking beautiful. The lights and smoke were also sick. Ben Christo is incredibly hot in person, which did not previously occur to me, but he kept kneeling on stage and throwing picks to the audience and it was very sexy. Andrew Eldritch was also cool, he seems like an asshole which I dig. Really good experience overall would definitely reccomend these guys. Their opening band the Virgin Maries were also a lot of fun, got to meet them at the merch stand and they seemed nice as hell.

28/07/23 - NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDS. I didn't know as many of their songs (especially the Oasis stuff), but I've always felt that they're one of those bands that sound good even if you don't know the songs. Unlike Arctic Monkeys or Bowie and stuff. Anyway, it was really nice, everyone was screaming. He talked to the crowd a lot. He also dedicated Live Forever to Sinead O'Conner which was very nice. They had flowers on stage and stuff. I don't have as much to say about them, it was just very nice and fun and I enjoy their music!

28/07/23 - JOHNNY MARR. He was technicaly opening for the noel gallagher, but I wanted to give him is own part since I mostly went to that show for him. It was fucking incredible, like honestly a dream come true for me. He had this beautiful yellow guitar. Sounded so amazing, I could listen to him play for hours and hours. The tone just does something to me. He opened with Armatopia which was unexpected but amazing. I was just about the only one in the crowd who knew all the lyrics so I was screaming my head off. Made eye contact and I blew him a kiss (no homo). I understand what those crazy fangirls feel now haha. Panic was also amazing, everyone was chanting 'hang the DJ'... the poor DJ who'd been up just a moment before. He played this charming man halfway through the set and I almost cried. That song changed my life. He finished with There's a light and everyone was singing along, he let us sing for a while... beautiful. I lost my voice from screaming. Sounded like a madman. Really incredible time.

04/07/23 - ARCTIC MONKEYS. nice, enjoyed being on the floor, fun to dance. sound design was not as good as previous two. might've been improved by knowing more of their songs better. snap out of it was very fun. same with 505.

07/04/23 - ROGER WATERS. very good, loved the show. felt that the political messages (while understandable) took you out of the music a little. the changes to some of their old songs weren't so good (comfortably numb...). shine on and wish you were here were amazing though. happy he also played us and them. also pf is not very dancy music which is less fun for concerts. i think their music is best listened to while walking in the rain.

18/11/22 - THE CURE. incredible. no words. played for three hours straight, all masterpieces. opening has us crying. burn had beautiful drums. push had everyone clapping. the forest had us screaming never with him. charlotte sometimes was changed forever for me. walk and friday im in love had everyone dancing. boys dont cry was a spiritual experience. doing the unstuck is my new favorite song. i think they are unbeatable.