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My Chemical Romance

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love


Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge


The Black Parade


Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys



Hesitant Alien is Gerard Way's only solo album. Released in 2014.

track list (hover for lyrics)
If I had to choose a least favorite track, it would probably be this one. That being said, I think it's a great opener for the album and sets up the whole alienation from society theme very well. It talks about how as long as you keep your head down and keep doing things the "right" way, you'll be rewarded by society. Also I have discovered that this song sounds about a million times better when you're blasting it extremely loudly on some quality speakers.

From Twitter:

"Reviews r saying all the right things about Action Cat- "sounds like he held a tape recorder up to the boombox that he recorded the song on"

"...vocals are buried..."

"...bloody fantastic..."

id say those are pretty spot on

Not that reviews make me happy or sad or anything at all, but I wanted to see if my goal of "fantastic shittiness" was achieved

*mixing vocals with Dough* "I dunno, just stick em fuckin under everything. Yes. A little more. Thank you."

*mixing the guitars on the album* "We need the wave-form to look like a horizontal rectangle. Yes. Like a mistake.""
this was the song that got me into the album! It really stuck out to me on my first listen through.

"The message with "No Shows" is not needing to fit in in order to belong to something. You dont need the lights, you dont need the stage, you dont need the band playing in front of you. You just need another person and the connection you have with them."

"The most important song to me is "No Shows," and I think thats the song where I realized I was in fact making an album and it was in fact going to be ambitious. It wasnt just going to be a simple noise rock record that I just kind of put out quickly. It was something I wanted to spend a little more time on. The song itself really encapsulates what I think the record is representing, not needing to belong to something in order to fit in. Not needing the lights, not needing the stage, not needing to go to the show, not needing to be a part of the scene, just youre different, and thats actually how you fit in. I learned to accept my place in music as, im extremely different but thats how im needed and thats why I belong."
No shows makes me crazy. The harmonies are fucking brilliant, and I love the theme and lyrics so much. I think you really feel that connection of hey, this is what music is about, not the stage and the lights or whatever, but this melody and the way it makes you feel.

"I relapsed, not into drugs but booze. I was self-medicating again to get through, and id forgotten how miserable that made me. It took me to the dark place again, but there was more at stake this time. I started to face the hypothetical reality of [my daughter] Bandit not having a father. I started taking that seriously, thinking, I want her to have a dad. A guy thats present. Because one way or another - either by death or by asylum, shes gonna be fatherless if I keep this up."

The phone call at the beginning and end mentions Mikey Ways suicide attempt.
Musically, or maybe melodically is a better word, this one and How its Going to Be are my favorites on the album. This song is also incredibly fun to play on guitar. I really enjoy listening to it on the bus while driving through the city at night. I think thats how it was intended to be listened to.

From Twitter: "@mikeyways line in Millions is "It was really ME!" . He was there when I first tracked it and sang after my first take"

""Zero Zero" kind of started as this Blur "Song 2" thing, kind of fuzzed out, but we always heard Joy Division in it, so it ended up in going in that direction."
This is also one of my favorites. The intro sounds exactly like One Hundred Years by The Cure which is just brilliant. It really does seem like a slightly brighter and more energetic song off of Pornography.

This one has always reminded me a little of Nancy Boy by Placebo. Big big fan of how aggressive and distorted it is. Similar to The Bureau, this one sounds best loud.

"So the title, Lindsey came up with it. We were hanging out one night and somehow the conversation came up about being from a town that you never think youre gonna get out of. And she said that she had memories of drugstore perfume; I was like wow, that kind of sums up where I was from, too. And thats really what its about. I thought about when I was 15-16, with no hope of getting out of that town."
This song captures the feel of being stuck in a small town perfectly. I feel like its a more hopeful (and American) version of many songs by The Smiths - for example I want the one I cant have. I love songs like these, part of why the Smiths is my favorite band, because they got me through my early teen years. Theres something so lonely about being stuck living with people who dont really understand you that these songs really encapsulate. I also find the fact that hes writing from a female perspective very moving. It speaks to my younger self, who was an angry little kid. It feels good to reminisce on lonelier and more confusing times and know that I made it all work out just fine. I like to listen to this one in the summer, I think its just that kind of song. Although, im still not sure what a drugstore actually is.

"Michelle is misgendered in the lyrics because the lyrics are written from the perspective of someone that is ignorant of correct pronouns. This does not represent my perspective, but that of a gossip. Certain lyrics in the song, like "tell Tara, im sorry I never tried" are from my perspective. Picture the lyrics as written by a group of old friends from varying walks of life discussing old friends, with varying levels of education. Basically, I switch perspectives frequently in my lyrics, from Bullets to Hesitant Alien, and newer songs im writing even switch gender."
When I first listened to this one I thought it was musically one of the weaker songs on this album, but I really love the lyrics. I dont know what psychic wavelength Gee was on but he really nailed this one. I also love the main story of the song about a group of friends trying to reconnect. It reminds me of how much i've drifted apart from my own friends, and how, on the whole, any old friends I've talked to have actually been wildly accepting.

"This song is all about living past the age of 25."
The drums on this song are magnificent, some of my favorites ever. They remind of of some songs by the Cure, for example Burn or The Hanging the Garden. Theres a really hopeful vibe to this one, like yeah it may suck now but its all gonna be okay, which I really fuck with. The harmonies towards the end with his voice are really beautiful as well. The whole things just makes me wanna get up and dance. Probably one of my overall favorites on the album, and definitely my favorite musically.

"I was always depressed. I didnt have anybody to talk to. I didnt have anybody that would take me seriously and neither did Mikey. There was this huge stigma on mental illness because its like a wound that you cant see. If someone cant see you have a puncture wound then they dont think you need any help. But its not like that its a very serious thing. So when it got really bad I started hearing voices, so I decided to write a song about hearing voices. Which apparently isnt that uncommon. Youve got too much bad noise in your head, but this is the good kind of noise. Its called "Maya the Psychic.""

"The song is about mental illness. The title was inspired by an old manga called Mai, The Psychic Girl, which is great."
This song reminds me a lot of my own characters. I love the concept behind it and the lyrics, although funnily enough when I first listened to this album I wasnt that big of a fan of the song. Now its one of my favorites. An amazing ending to an amazing album. I think it really finishes of the theme of societal alienation cause, yknow, a psychic is pretty abnormal. But in the song Gee sings that you'll never be alone. I think that shows that as long as there's at least someone in your corner, or who you can talk to, its all cool.

RIP Doug McKean

the bonus tracks

This one was only on the Japanese release of the album.

My favorite of the bonus tracks :3

the zine (hover!)

"I think Lola is... it's like a psychological entity. It's like Lola is a side of me."

"I was inspired by a lot of the albums from the 90's that would have these unexplained "mascots" you would see on everything from Jesus Jones albums to Kula Shaker. Just a surrealist image connected with the music. I literally did one drawing and was happy with it. I looked at masks from Asia and the theatre over there, like Kabuki in Japan."
"Here's the thing: I was able to put some art into this record, but the cool thing is that it required very little. This record was just about having fun and exploring my artistic side only as much as I needed to... and I just came up with this. It took me an afternoon. It's like that imaginary friend you have when you're a kid, and you'd just have this friend all the way up to the end, just in case. But it's only if you need them; they're kinda only there if you need them. Lola is the same, only there if you wanna use her, or him. There's no gender, but there's a friendly, calming entity."

music videos


tour statistics on setlist.fm

+bonus mention - the gender thing

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The Smiths


The Cure are a British new wave/goth/pop band formed in 1978. Their most famous songs include the pop hits Boys Don't Cry, Friday I'm in Love, Just Like Heaven, and Lullaby, although within the gothic community they're more known for their darker albums which include Faith, Seventeen Seconds, Disintegration (though this one also features some pop songs), and Pornography. My personal favorite albums are Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, Disintegration, Pornography, and 4:13 Dream.

To-do list:
- Finish MCR and Cure shrines
- Add a Smiths shrine
- Add page about fish photos
- Add casette/dvd collections
- Finish MD character pages

freaky oneshots:

butterflies - hallucinations and some mild cannibalism to go with it.

statue - blood and knives and some good old fashioned fucking.

white eyes - based on Gerard Way's evil secretary persona. Not super fucked up, just some blood and domming.

this is an about me i suppose...

im a rocker with the interests of a nerd. i knew nothing about html, made this site through stubborness alone, and now i know some stuff about html (barely)

i made this site 'cause i wanted a place to throw all my interests, and cause social media fuckin sucks. tumblr is the only good one. the rest i only use to watch edits of hot people, so i wont link them on here.

i get weird and twitchy and obsessive about things often, and making shrines to those things is a good way to get it out of my system.

All Links



DeviantArt (mostly for storage and arpgs)


Discord: mossquitoman


  • life

  • weird and disturbing stuff

  • pissing people off

  • retro stuff (80s especially..)

  • old/text based rpg video games

  • ...pokemon

  • dragons

  • animatronics and puppetry

  • 70s/80s style films

  • star trek

  • lord of the rings + the silmarillion

  • the johannes cabal series

  • maths

  • rock music (but i listen to all genres! yes even hyperpop)

  • guitar

  • skateboarding, bouldering, underwater stuff


  • pessemists and people who arent a little silly

  • brussel sprouts

  • the corporate internet

  • boring people

  • online discourse (unless its funny)

  • ??? have some cool pics instead


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trek :)

"...that perhaps anywhere can be beautiful if James Kirk is there to see it."

retro TOS text games

recreation of the 1978 game

space nerds in space (needs linux)

watch TOS for free

fan film masterpost

massive database

my TOS novel list

star trek art !

Behind the scenes :)

Las Vegas - Hilton

moonage daydreams


yes they are basically Tolkein's silm characters :) but i made them sexier. just for kicks.


name: mairon

age: older than the concept of time

gender: shapeshifter

pronouns: him

height: 5"9

relationships: melkor (master/lover), thil (friend), gothmog (friend), langon (mutual hatred and grudging respect), tevildo (annoying coworker)

skin: pale, freckles

hair: red or white

eyes: gold

build: skinny or lithe depending on when

personality: mean perfectionist with mental issues

likes: LSD, stimulants, being good at things, strawberries, canines, science, tech, space, BDSM

dislikes: being bad at things, laziness, cats, wolfhounds, unneccesary things, water, "self-care", sex

powers: autism + good at cleaning

ext. links

WARNING! You are now entering the sex dungeon. Do you wish to continue?


Take me back!

a little bit about his sexual preferences and such because 1. it's an important part of the story and 2. it's hot.

He doesn't very much enjoy the act itself... maybe it's bad experiences, maybe it's just how he is. But he deeply values bdsm.


++ cnc
+ sounding
+ mild bondage/gags
+ clamps
+ watersports
+ edging
+ plugs
+ enemas/inflation
+ knifeplay
+ petplay
+ praise
+ exhibitionism
+ pumping


- cnc
- humiliation /degradation
- praise
- powerplay
- petplay (to some extent)
- whipping


- cbt
- heavy bondage
- excessive degradation
- cock cages
- forced orgasm

general rules

Note: All rules may be broken with a reason, as long as that reason is clearly communicated at some point

- No removing your collar
- No explicitly saying no to me. Negotiation and safewording is allowed, but no outright refusal.
- No touching yourself, nipples included, except when neccesary (showering etc.)
- No permanant body mods without my permission
- I have the right to change anything i want about your appearence
- When I am away you should send me photos or videos of yourself naked every couple days
- Should call me "master", especially in bed
- One meal a day minimum
- Four hours of sleep at night minimum

rules for shitty times

Note: All general rules still apply

- No speaking unless spoken to
- No communicating with anyone else
- No access to electronics (except Walkman and record player)
- No clothes other than lingerie or basic underwear inside the house
- Washing dishes, tidying/cleaning house, and walking dog must be done everyday
- Must kneel beside me instead of sitting next to me unless permission is given


alien here on a visit
Posts 150

how to get good guitar skills. step 1.


new use for a silmaril...


text "post" test




public nuisance


ten years since these tats...




good morning xx




channeling the spirit of iggy pop by taking lots of smack


pet xx



name: melkor

age: older than the concept of time

gender: shapeshifter

pronouns: any. doesnt rlly care

height: 6"5

relationships: mairon (lover), thil (annoying subordinate/friend), gothmog (annoying subordinate/friend), langon (annoying subordinate/friend), tevildo (annoying subordinate), manwe (brother/enemy), varda (ex/enemy)

skin: brown/olive

hair: black with grey streaks sometimes

eyes: blue

personality: evil and has anger issues

likes: cats, dogs, reptiles, murder, assault, sleeping in, spicy food, music, making things, sex, sunglasses, cars, BDSM (but he'd rather die than sub), leather/latex

dislikes: stars, nerds, his brother, people not listening to his orders, complex emotions, being nice, sunlight, daytime, small talk

ext. links


name: thuringwethil

age: slightly younger than the concept of time

gender: girl and a bat

pronouns: blood

height: 5"5

relationships: ilmare (lover), melkor (scary boss/friend), mairon (best friend), gothmog (other best friend), langon (annoying coworker/friend), tevildo (annoying coworker)

skin: olive but also real dead lookin

hair: dark brown

eyes: black

personality: very sweet psychopath

likes: blood, space/stars, italians, wine, bright colors, dresses, boobs, bats, murder, not having to do anything

dislikes: being told what to do (except by mairon), no blood, dogs, being yelled at, solid food (not blood)




other cool websites!!

link back to me! lmk if you do and i'll link your site too :3

other personal sites

Gnome Watch A button for the website tiny diorama Velvet Blue Visit Melonking.Net!


piracy guide
graphics 1
bettys graphics
cool text generator
blinkies cafe
graphics 3
graphics 4
graphics 5
graphics 6 (stamps, etc.)
stamp border pack
stamp border
bigg stamp collection
web badges
lots of sites
easy text based rpg making software
html emoji codes

punk shit

battle jacket resource

digital pin collection

patch tutorial :3

fancy patch gallery


shit wont let me upload word documents but..here is an image of the correct size to print for this method. height and width: 1.36"

what you will need: scissors, pliers (u might be able to use scissors for this too. or a hammer), superglue (or any glue that dries clear, hardens, and will stick to most things), a bottle cap, a can tab, a safety pin, and the picture you want to make into a pin

step 1: thread the safety pin through the tab like so. It helps to bend the tab a little.

step 2: place the pin + tab into the bottle cap, and use the pliers to bend down the edges so that the tab is secured. Make sure that the pin doesn't get caught under it cause otherwise its harder to use.

step 3: glue your image onto the bottle cap, and cut it down to size (it looks better later if you leave a small margin)

step 4: smother it in... um... glue. easiest to use your finger to make sure the image is completely covered. also smooth down the edges (see this looks better with the margin)

step 5: leave to dry... then enjoy your new pin!

pockets (kinda shitty but eh)

so i'd cut off the sleeves from an old jacket to make it sleeveless for the summer... and I figured I'd use the sleeves to make pockets for another jacket that doesn't rlly have them. so here's a quick tutorial.

step one: cut the cuffs off of the sleeves. I used em to make an armband with spikes in it (to put holes in the denim shove a screwdriver in it and turn it around a bunch).

step two: cut off as much of the sleeve as you want, depending on the size of the pocket. I wanted my phone to fit in this one so its pretty big.

step three: close one of the open sides of the sleeve. I used fabric fusion glue because I'm lazy and bad at sewing, but any method would probably work. though in my experience hand sewing leaves little gaps and small stuff could fall out. also did the other half of the sleeve bc the more pockets the better.

step four: glue (or sew) your pocket onto your jacket. I did it on the inside of the jacket, and I put a piece of cardboard inside the pocket so that it wouldnt accidentally be glued shut if glue seeped through to the other side. the glue is visible through the otherside of the jacket, which is fine bc i have patches on it so u cant see it, but yeah just be aware of that.

step five: enjoy your sick new pocket!

pdf hub

Star Trek Stories

Tolkein Stories

MCR Stories


kukuri-arpg art + stuff


my kukuris



wife <</3

gerard way photos to jerk off to in the bathroom while your relatives are having dinner and talking about what a nice young man you're growing up to be

currently on repeat:

  • boston

  • the bends

  • van halen

  • mcr bonus tracks

Music Thoughts

is rock dead?

my favorite bands

Extracts from Morrissey's letters to pen pal Robert Mackie

records and casettes

the death of rock

This is the first time in like half a century that rock hasn't been mainstream. Sure, there's the old rock bands everyone still loves, and a few bands who call themselves "rock" and are pretty mainstream, but the mainstream culture is nothing like it used to be.

In my opinion this stems from two main things:

1. Music streaming. Streaming means that everyone can listen to whatever the fuck they want. This is great, but it also means that it's much harder for bands to get really famous (like radio famous), because there's just so much variety. So the radio famous bands just end up being corporate plants or people who were already previously famous.

2. Profitability. Rock music just isn't as profitable as looping an electronic track over and over again like they do in pop songs. This was probably also why disco was much more popular than rock in the 80s. Now they don't even need disco, they can just use computers. So why sign on a rock band who'll need instruments, amps, etc. etc. when you can just take on a much more profitable pop singer instead.

I could add a lot of things- more protective parents so kids cant run around joining bands, less societal tolerence for non polished sound/mistakes, increased ease of recording means way more bands so none of them get super famous- but I think that's the gist of it.

But rock isn't dead. It's just not mainstream. It's gone back underground. In my opinion, My Chemical Romance was the last mainstream proper rock band (or "pop rock", as I call it- popular rock).

Now new rock bands are back to being a secret that you have to get out there and find for yourself, not just something you can hear on the radio. In a way all this social media and such has strengthened the underground scene as much as it has weakened the popular scene. Of course to people who aren't involved in the scene itself, who only consume the mainstream stuff, it's gonna seem like rock is dead. So get out there to your local basement shows and bars, because that's how this scene started, and it seems like that's how it's gonna end.

my favorite bands and why

1. The Smiths. Changed my life. I would not be who I am today without them. Integral to my personality and ideologies. Beautiful lyrics and combo of rhythm and lead in one guitar, the riffs are some of my favorite ever written, they're very melodically pleasing. Also you can tell a band is good when you can hear the bass line in every song. Perhaps not the technically greatest band but certainly the most influential to me personally. I adore all 72 of their songs.

2. The Cure. Less influential than The Smiths but still important and helped shaped me. Their range is unmatched, from Pornography to Lovecats they got it all. Also, Robert Smith's lyrics are my definition of love. That is how I see beauty. They've also got some great bass lines, but truly the drums on Cure songs really shine. Also the first concert I attended and still my favorite live performance so far.

3. Pink Floyd. Objectively The Best Band. Only number 3 because they influenced my life a little less, so my enjoyment of them is more musical than personal. Great at storytelling and music, which is rare. The Wall is a masterpiece. Each song has to be savoured like a work of art, I can't just listen to them all willy nilly. David Gilmour makes the guitar sing, and the solos are really integrated into the songs instead of just inserted. They also have impressive range, from Lucifer Sam to Echoes to Learning to Fly.

4. My Chemical Romance. Honestly places 4 and 5 are prone to swap. But mcr was a staple of my childhood, even before I really knew what an album was. Their music has so many elaborate layers and pieces that it never gets boring. Objectively the last truly big rock band, along with the rest of the so-called emo group. They're similar to Pink Floyd in that they have stories with the albums, although mcr's tend to be a little more fantastical. Also, Gerard is very attractive. Whoops. Trying not to let that influence me here though.

5. Bowie. I have very vivid memories of listening to Rebel Rebel for the first time and being amazed. Watching his movies and listening to his music helped get me into the freaky side of life, honestly. He's lower down only because I can't truly say that I like every single song he's ever made, unlike the other bands on this list, but the ones that are good are incredible. His characters and imagery are brilliant, and I've always loved space and astronomy so I latched right on.




welcome to the bar! Come, have a seat, take off your space helmet for a moment.

Our regulars like their privacy, oh yes. We tend to attract people wanting to get lost out here. Well, it's easy to do among over a trillion stars! You're from earth? Then you're bound to have heard of some of them...

but enough distraction! i've been a terrible bartender. Would you like a drink, dear traveller?